Catwoman by ~sadiek
CATWOMAN commission by ~danielhdr
Catwoman by ~smitth
The Adaptable Selina Kyle by *McGone
Request Prize - TDKR Masquerade Catwoman by *Femmes-Fatales
Gotham lovers: Catwoman by *Danielle-chan
Anne Hathaway as Catwoman by ~MartaDeWinter
Anne Hathaway - Catwomen - Dark Knight Rises by ~Deermaru
Catwoman by ~sawayaka
AT: catwoman by *gianna156
CatWoman TDKR Color by ~HQ-Man
I’m Adaptable by ~Calvinclyke
A Fire Will RISE by ~JawZ270589
The Catwoman Rises by ~shmeatles

Here is a new TDKR clip between Selina Kyle and John Blake!!