I will break you by ~Fer-Guzman
Crush The Bat by ~JA2U
Bane. by ~ex0tique
A Storm is Coming - TDKR fan art by ~LOL2679
Dark Knight Rises Inkblot by ~TTart7
BANE by ~looklooklookitabook
the Batlock by ~BestrafexMich
Gotham’s Reckoning. by *Noitcefni
Bane by ~natbat2314
TDKR Poster - Speak of the Devil - Version 1 by ~clamman2000
Bane by ~brandenhead
Reckoning by ~Kal-Bane
a meaner bane! by ~MrBost
…Necessary Evil… by *chadheinrich
Gotham’s Reckoning by ~shazammize