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the joker x the shining by m7781

This is my favorite scene in TDK.

The Dark Knight Trilogy DC Comics Logos.

He looks so hot in the batsuit without his mask on.

He looks so hot in the batsuit without his mask on.

the joker by ~thenota
Joker by ~cyberunique

The original Batman backlash.


Justin Bieber’s ‘Batman Vs. Superman’ Script Was Fake

Justin Bieber’s ‘Batman vs. Superman’ Script Was Totally Phony After All


See? What’d we tell you?

The Justin Bieber “Batman vs. Superman” “script” was, indeed, a big fat fake, TheWrap has learned.

(Now if only there were a word to express that we indicated as much already!)

A person with knowledge of the real script assured TheWrap that the photo Bieber Instagrammed over the weekend is not authentic — and is most likely part of an upcoming Funny or Die sketch.

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So that settles that: Bieber will not be playing Robin in Warner Bros.’ 2015 supermashup, he doesn’t have a copy of the script, has never read it, it probably doesn’t even fully exist yet, and if it did, Warner Bros. isn’t showing it to anyone.

All stuff we said before, but now it’s, you know … official. So for those of you who gave this one the benefit of the doubt, please un-give it.

Oh and just to be sure, Ben Affleck is still playing Batman. That one was real.

I’m just posting this article for the sad souls who STILL haven’t figured this out yet. (I’ve already had to talk a few people down from a ledge this weekend. lol)

I mean ask yourself? Do you really think that:

A) The script is even finished this early?!

B)The WB would allow the script for a  big budget franchise movie that is coming out in summer 2015 to be flaunted on instagram?!

Do you know how hardcore movie studios are about protecting the scripts for these types of movies? Actors have to sign all sorts of contractual agreements that prevent them from leaking info about these movies. Did you ever see an actor in one of these movies post pictures of the script on twitter or instagram before?Ever?!

These are the questions that you have to ask yourself before you react to things you see on the internet. It’ll save you from a lot of stress.

And Seriously, if a kid like freaking Justin Bieber can troll you then you are truly hopeless. lol 

My Reaction to Ben Affleck playing Batman in MOS 2 (Unpopular Opinion)

Frankly, I’m very calm about it. I don’t have any passionate  negative or positive feelings about Ben Affleck playing Batman. I’m just calm. I’m reserving judgment until I see how this plays out in context.

One reason why I’m calm is because there have been many instances in the past where unusual casting decisions turned out okay. When Michael Keaton was picked to be Batman, fans threw a shitfit and he did a great job.When Heath Ledger was chosen for the Joker, fans threw a shitfit and his performance turned out to be legendary.When Anne Hathaway was chosen for Catwoman, fans threw a shitfit and she did fine.(You’ve probably heard these examples a million times, but I think they are valid enough to bring up.)

I personally threw a shitfit when I saw a picture of the tumbler before Batman Begins came out. I was like ‘THAT’S NOT THE BATMOBILE! Who’s THIS NOLAN GUY! HE DOESN’T KNOW BATMAN! I AIN’T WATCHING THIS SHIT!’.Once I saw the tumbler in the context of the movie it became my favorite bat vehicle ever. And, I went on to consider the Batman films directed by “That Nolan guy” to be the best and most definitive depictions of Batman that I have ever seen.

I don’t know if Affleck is going to be bad or good, and I’m not going to make that judgement until I see him in context. I want to see him in the suit, hear his line delivery, and  see the role that he plays in the story before I decide if he fits or not. I’m not wasting my energy worrying about the quality of a performance that hasn’t been performed yet.

With that said, the good news is that if he does suck, it will just make it easier to root for Superman. After all, this is a Superman movie. We’re supposed to be rooting for Superman in this movie.   

Another reason why I’m calm about it is I’ve already decided that The Dark Knight Trilogy’s version of Batman is my definitive version. Christian Bale is my definitive live-action Batman. This means that no matter what type of performance that Affleck or any other actor gives of Batman in the future, it won’t change the fact that I can put BB, TDK, TDKR in my blu-ray player and see my favorite Batman. Ben Affleck’s performance, whether it is good or bad, will not be enough to change that for me. So as far as I’m concerned he can give it his best shot. If he does well, more power to him. I’ll be fine either way. (So don’t worry. This blog won’t suddenly be soaked in Batfleck pictures/gifs, though I will reblog some if I like his suit/performance.) 

I know that this opinion may be unpopular because a lot of people are upset about this decision, but I just can’t bring myself to be  worked up about this. At the end of the day, I’m intrigued to see how this will all play out.



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I want all of these, but I don’t have the money or the body to wear these clothes. lol


Man of steel:Worlds Finest (Superman and Batman) by ~Sumitsjc

I just broke my favorite Batman cup. I drank from it everyday. I was so happy when I bought it months ago and now it’s gone. Every liquid that I drank from that cup tasted like justice. When I watched it slip from my hand it felt like everything was happening in slow motion. I couldn’t catch it in time.

Now I know how Superman (1978) felt when he reversed time by spinning the world backwards in order to bring Lois back to life. That’s what I want to do to bring my cup back. Or maybe I should dress up as a Bat so I can strike fear into the heart of gravity so it will never bring harm to another innocent cup again.

I have a Justice League cup to drink from, but now I’m scared that gravity will murder that one too.

I’m so freaking clumsy man. 

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